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Zoom is an online meeting platform. I will post our Zoom meetings in Seesaw.   
Information for students and parents about participating in a Zoom meeting: Remember, this is our virtual classroom, so the same rules apply as if we were all together in our real room.
1. To help me identify all participants before allowing them to join our Zoom meeting, be sure your child has changed their device name to their own (or change the default device name). Their name will be the only way I will be able to identify them. I'm sorry, but if I do not recognize a name, I will not allow that participant to join us.
2. I will also be locking the Zoom meeting to prevent others from joining once we have started.
    • Be kind and respectful and stay on topic at all times.
    • Please do not have other devices and/or items with you unless asked to do so for the meeting.
    • Maintain your image and background and stay in a specific space.
    • Keep your microphone muted at all times unless directed differently. If you'd like to share something, use the "raise hand" feature and wait to be called on.
Let’s enjoy our time together!
If you can’t make it to the meeting, we’ll look forward to seeing you the next time.
Information for students and parents about joining a Zoom meeting:
1. Click on the link to join our virtual class meeting using Zoom.
2. When prompted, choose to join with computer audio. You’ll need to give Zoom access to your microphone and camera.