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Principal's Message

          Welcome to the Upper Allen Elementary School learning community.  Our primary school is uniquely designed to meet the developmental needs of students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  Our mission is to create an environment where students are inspired to explore their interests and empowered to be creative and innovative.  These years are crucial to the development of academic and social skills students will need today and in the future. 

At Upper Allen we embrace and celebrate our diversity.  Our multicultural student body provides our students with a rich environment to learn and grow in their appreciation of others and their cultures.  All students and families are valued in our learning community.


          This year Upper Allen will be going through the final stages of our building renovation.  In addition to updating the finishes (floors, walls, lighting, etc.), our school is undergoing major renovations to improve the overall design and function of the building.  These changes will include the addition of three open spaces, one for each grade level, as well as a large open lobby area.  These spaces will provide students with areas to move more freely, share their work, be creative and explore their interests.  In addition, these spaces will be utilized during school-wide events like the Fall Fair, STEM Night and the World Expo.  Please be sure to check out the weekly newsletter for construction related updates.


          The Upper Allen Elementary School faculty and staff is made up of highly qualified, dedicated individuals who are devoted to helping each learner reach his or her full potential.  Striving to meet the unique needs of each student is challenging work, but our awesome team is up to the challenge!


          I encourage you to get to know our staff and the wonderful families that make Upper Allen a great place to learn and grow.