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FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Library Book Checkout
Students may check out books on any day (not just library day). They only need to check with their classroom teacher and return the books they have previously checked out. Students are encouraged to read a variety of genre to include fiction and non-fiction.

Lost Library Book
If a library book is lost, please report it to the Library ASAP. The cost of the lost book will be sent home; however the student may check out another book. If the book is found, send it in and the price paid will be refunded. 

Damaged Book
If a library book is damaged, please take it to the library.
Student Arrival
Students are to arrive between 7:30-7:45 a.m.
  • Parent car drop off will occur in the parking lot loop at the front of the building.  Staff will be there to help monitor students.
  • For safety purposes, students should exit cars on the passenger side toward the sidewalk.  Parents are to remain in their cars.
  • Drop off will take place between the orange cones.
  • Cars will be directed to loop around in front of the middle school before entering Upper Allen's parking lot.
  • Students should not arrive prior to 7:30 a.m.
  • Students arriving after 7:45 are to be walked into the school and signed in by a parent.
  • Buses will drop off students at the side road and bus riders will cross the playground before entering doors at the back of the building.
Student Dismissal
Dismissal begins at 2:20 p.m.
  • Students will board buses on the side road near the playground
  • Parents picking up car riders are to loop around the middle school parking lot before entering the loop in front of the school.
  • Staff will be on hand to direct traffic.
  • Parents are asked to write their child's name on a piece of paper to be displayed inside the windshield or on the passenger side window.  Staff will call student names into the school and students will dismiss when their parent arrives.
Notes From Parents Regarding Picking Students Up
If you plan to pick your child up during the school day or after school (rather than riding the bus), a note is required. All notes should be sent to the child’s teacher and will then be forwarded to the office with the morning attendance. If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking your child up, it is essential that you give us the name of the person.
Bus Policy
Due to crowded buses and safety issues, no bus guest privileges will be honored. The district recognizes the inconvenience but safety is paramount.
Students may carry a packed lunch to school or they may purchase a lunch provided in the school cafeteria. Milk is also available for purchase. The ‘Point of Sales’ computerized meal account is in full operation at Upper Allen. You can open up a prepaid account and when the student walks through the line, the cashier will be scanning their bar code to deduct the money from the account. Lunches may be prepaid weekly, monthly or yearly. Checks should be made payable to the “MASD Food Services.” Checks or cash should be placed in an envelope with your child’s first and last name, grade, teacher and the amount of money enclosed printed on the front.

Absence Information/Educational Field Trips
A written excuse must be turned into the school despite the fact that you called in the absence. This is a requirement for auditing purposes. Additionally, we recognize there are times you need to take your child out of school for reasons other than an excused absence. You are allowed up to three days of unexcused/unlawful absences. After three days, we are required to report the absences to the District Magistrate.

Excused absences include:
  • Family emergencies
  • Pre-arranged doctor/dentist visits
  • Pre-authorized school activities
  • Pre-approved (5day prior to departure) educational trips
  • Pre-approved college visits
  • Religious Holidays

    Educational trip forms are the same for all schools in the district. You only need to fill one out. The receiving school will notify the other schools. Note: There is a limit to the number of educational field trip days and no educational trips will be approved during standardized test dates as identified on the district calendar.

Student Appointments
When students need to leave school for an appointment, a parent must come into the office and sign the student out. The student must also be signed in upon return to school.

Volunteering/Visiting School
We encourage parents to volunteer their time and talent to help our students learn and to visit our school. However, we must keep in mind student safety considerations. We ask all persons wishing to visit any area of the school to sign in at the office, receive and wear a volunteer/guest badge, and return the badge to the office at the conclusion of the visit and sign out. Only the main doors of the school are left unlocked during the day for security reasons. Upon arrival, please report to the office area immediately. All volunteers in our school must have a current TB Tine test on file with the school nurse and must have completed all the volunteer requirements. Please see our website at for complete details.

School Closing and Early Dismissals
Announcements of school delays (1 to 2 hours), or early dismissals will be made on local radio or television stations. Parents should be certain that your child knows where to go or what to do if you are not home in the event of an early dismissal. Elementary gifted support classes will meet on days when there is a one-hour delay but not on days that have a two-hour delay.

If your child needs to stay indoors due to illness at recess time, please send a note to school specifying the reason and how many days he or she should remain indoors. Unless a note is sent from home, the children are required (by school policy) to have outdoor recess when weather permits. Keep this in mind in advising your child on what to wear.


Sick Child
Please be certain that your child’s emergency card is kept up to date with current information about your work phone numbers and the numbers of other persons to contact in the event neither parent can be reached.

If you have medical concerns about sending your child to school on a given day, you can contact our school nurse, Mrs. Walker.

The school nurse requests that a child be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Gym and Recess Excuses
If your child in injured and cannot participate in physical education, we must have a doctor’s note stating length of exclusion. Exclusion from gym automatically means exclusion from participatory recess.

TB Tine
All parents wishing to help in school with parties, or helping in the classroom must have a current TB Tine test on file with the school nurse. If you have questions about getting a TB Tine test or whether you have one on file, please call the health room aide during the school hours.